About me

More than 10 years of experience with Zikula

I started dealing with Php more than 10 years ago.

I quickly got tired of the recurring programming tasks.

So I asked a friend for a suitable Content Management System.

He recommended Postnuke, which has been called Zikula for several years now.

Postnuke classic CMS

Postnuke was a classic content management system, which was very well usable by various modules for comments, pictures, content management.

His source was Php Nuke, if I'm properly informed.


Zikula is a Php Application Framework

Zikula has moved away from a classic CMS and offers modern techniques for the efficient creation of web applications.

After this change of direction has caused a lot of displeasure, I am enthusiastic about this one.

It couldn't be more flexible.

In the meantime new, modern modules are available which can be used with Zikula 2.0.11 (current version).

This Blog

This blog should offer experiences, tutorials in articles and videos.

This is about finding sources for the core and modules more easily, learning how to install Zikula, which modules are suitable for what, how to install them, theme development and more.

Enjoy discovering

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