Application Framework Zikula - Advantages of MOST Modules

In the article series Building modules for Zikula - It's as simple as that I already started to show the advantages of MOST regarding the planning and creation of modules.

However, there are other advantages that actually show up in the modules. These advantages result from the fact that certain features are (basically) available. You can deactivate features by making settings either in the model or later in the module itself.

In this article series I present some advantages of MOST modules.



Features in MOST Modules

Text fields with module plugin usable

Almost every entity in a module (extension) will contain one or more text fields. Once you need a description for your entity, you will also create a text field in MOST.

If there is a text field, you can load several editors into it with the Scribite module.

In the following photo the CKEditor is loaded and the arrow points to the plugin button of the Blogging module.

MOST Module - Plugin Button

With this button you can integrate contents of a MOST module.

The following screenshot shows the plugin call of the Blogging module, with which I also publish my articles here.

MOST Module - Plugin View

The entries of a module can be filtered by category or you can display images, as shown in the next screenshot showing the plugin of the module Image(not yet finished).

MOST Module - Plugin Filter for pictures

The feature of the plugins can be deactivated in the model, i.e. before generating. Also in the settings of a module you can deactivate or reactivate the feature as you can see in the screenshot of the module Image.

MOST Module - Plugin Settings


Behind the plugin button of a MOST module hides a multitude of possibilities to find and bind content. In addition to links to other content, images from other modules can be integrated if their entities contain images.

No code has to be written on the developer side for this feature; very pleasant.

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