Php Application Framework Zikula - Where to get?

Zikula 2 makes it easy to run a homepage and to program complex applications.

In this article series I try to make it easy for beginners to get started.

What is Zikula?

Zikula is a Php application, because it can be uploaded to a server and then installed using a database, for example Mysql, and is programmed in the script language Php.

After the installation an user administration, a mail function and more are available.

Zikula is a framework because it also provides a framework for programming other applications, such as modules (extensions).

Sources of supply for Zikula

Before installation it is important to have Zikula on your computer.

Currently there are the following reliable sources for the download.

On the official website of Zikula you can find the News section.

News at

New publications are communicated there.

Detail page with downloads

The respective link refers to the detail page, which also contains the download links.

Aktenulle Veröffentlichungen von Zikula

Download as packed file

There you can download Zikula either as tar.gz or zip file with a click on one of the links.

Zikula on Github

Another reliable source can be found at GitHub.

Release Seite von Zikula bei Github

Download the latest version of Zikula at Github

When downloading, make sure that you choose a download called 2.0 so that you download the complete package to your computer.

You can also choose between tar.gz and zip here.

Download bei Github - Aktuelle version von Zikula

Source here in the download area

For Homepages with Zikula you will find a Download-Sector.

Downloads zu Zikula

A collection for the Core

Here you will find a collection for the Core.

Download the core of Zikula

Detail page of the download

Click on the corresponding link to get to the detail page of the current download, here 2.0.11.

Download current version of Zikula

Download as Zip-File

Click on the download button to download the zikula.

Download Version 2.0.11


You are spoilt for choice for your download of Zikula.

In the next article of this series I'll show you with a current version of Zikula, how to get Zikula fast to your server.

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