PHP programming with Zikula and Eclipse

PHP Application Framework Zikula and Programming

Zikula is a Php Application Framework. This means that Zikula facilitates programming with PHP.

How to do that? Php is now object-oriented.

This means that every entity is treated as an object. Object-oriented programming is an abstraction level that has caused me some headaches. It should be mentioned that I did not study computer science.

Object-Oriented Programming - Properties and Methods

An entity has properties and methods on the pages of Php.

In the Blogging module, which is installable but not quite finished yet, the only entity is a Post, which is a post.

Properties of the entity (extract):

  • Title
  • Summary
  • Content 1
  • Content 2
  • Content 3


As cars can have different colors, posts in the module Blogging have different titles, summaries, content 1, content 2 etc.

Methods of Entity (extract):

  • Get title
  • Set title
  • Get summary
  • set summary


While a car for example has the method driving, it is in the entity post essentially getter and setter methods that call properties or zuwesien.

What does that have to do with zikula?

Zikula is now also object-oriented. Programming is therefore much more fun, because you can fall back on properties and methods provided by the core.

You don't have to reinvent the famous wheel all the time.

With Zikula you can realize in your application, your module so without programming everything completely an email dispatch, an image upload etc..

You can also access Bootstrap, Doctrine, jQuery, Symfony and Twig, which in turn provide various properties and methods.

Php Programming with Eclipse

Programming means writing code. Programming means writing code. This requires some kind of editor. I use Eclipse, a so-called IDE, because I have complete Php projects, for me that means modules, under one roof.

Eclipse Download

Eclipse offers great support for programming with Php. In the first photo I show you the corresponding download page.

Eclipse Download fuer Php

Eclipse open

Left in the photo below you see all modules, which I extend by my own programming work. All modules are planned and generated with MOST(ModuleStudio).

At the bottom you can see Zikula 2.0.11 that I have linked to the modules. So all classes in Zikula can also be used in my modules; more about that later.

Eclipse geöffnet

A Php file opened in Eclipse

In the photo below you can see a php file from my module project MU/Files. I would like to use the module on this page. There are still a few small steps missing in the programming.

Eclipse Datei geöffnet


I hope you get a first impression of what Eclipse looks like and where the advantages lie. Surely there are other IDE's as well. I've become friends with Eclipse in the meantime and the programming is super easy.

Programming without IDE is not recommended. I hope to be able to give more impressions in further articles soon. In the end it is also important to me that you find the step into the world of Zikula and dare.

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