Tips for working on themes

Tips for editing templates for creating your layout with Zikula

In this article I collect tips for working on the layout. If you don't program your own modules, you will most likely start creating your own layout after installing Zikula and making the necessary settings.

You must have a theme for this and make it known to the core of Zikula as an additional theme.

Then are usually working on templates necessary.

below you will find working methods that have proven useful to me.

Your page is already online

Add new menus

If you want to create a new menu on your page, you should only keep it visible for yourself during creation. This is very easy. If you installed Zikula yourself, your user id is 2, so just do the following in the template:

{% if currentUser.uid == 2 %}

    Your code for the new menu

{% endif %}

This way, the menu you're still working on is invisible to both guests and any registered users.

When your new menu is ready, you can remove the if-query.

You can also use this if query for other work on your templates.

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