The backend is the administration area of a module in Zikula.


The frontend is located on the user page of your homepage, for example a form to contact you and your imprint or other contents of your homepage.

ModuleStudio - Module creation - Programming


This is a term from database-supported programming and is also important for using the ModuleStudio. An entity represents at least one table in the database.


Entities can be connected to each other. There are relevant articles on this on the Internet.

Zikula and technique


Bootstrap is a CSS framework for the intuitive creation of web pages with Responsive Webdesign


Cascading Style Sheets allow the design (colors, spacing, etc.) of HTML elements


A hoster, or better webhoster, provides data volume for your future homepage.


Die Hypertext Markup Language is a markup language used to structure Internet pages in zikula with so-called templates.


Javascript is a scripting language that can be used to dynamically change the structure of HTML, among other things.


jQuery is a Javascript framework for the manipulation of page structures or e.g. for the validation of forms.

Smarty (obsolete - replaced by Twig)

Smarty is a so-called template engine, which allows the separation between content (stored in a database) and the code of Zikula.


Symfony is a php framework which is fully integrated into Zikula. So it is Out of the box usable.


Templates are html-files that output dynamically generated data in a structured way. They are available in Zikula in the form function.html.twig

Templates are therefore the basis for the visual design of a website.


Themes are in Zikula layout packages with which your homepage can be designed optically. Zikula comes with some standard themes.


Twig is also a template engine based on PHP and has replaced Smarty in Zikula.

Status: 28.10.2018

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